What do you do when you’re hungover on a Saturday and you’re running out of money? You go and watch the naked bike ride! After all, it was the queens birthday and that calls for celebration. We eventually got ourselves up walked down to Marble Arch to catch the start of the bike ride and caught a glimpse of hundreds of old men of all different shapes and sizes. Some that I didn’t think were even possible!


The atmosphere was a bit strange. Nobody was clapping like they would for a normal bike ride, just staring in amazement at people sitting naked on Boris bikes. The same ones that I could potentially ride in the future. We caught up with them again at the end of the ride when they arrived at Wellington arch.


When they arrived at the finish line, the crowd didn’t pay much attention to the old men. But there was one person that caused hundreds of people to bombard them with selfie sticks and iPads surrounding them in a claustrophobic circle. We went to see what all the fuss was about and discovered that this person was in fact A GIRL. A girl in her mid 20s with her boobs out is what made a few hundred pervy men stop what they were doing and sprint across the park. Some people need to get laid.

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